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September 2015

Return from Edinburgh

For the last twelve years, I've been searching for plays at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, to make it possible for them to be seen in New York. This year's Best of Edinburgh Award winner is "Key Change." I'll give you ample advance notice of the run in January and I do hope you'llbe able to join us -- for both the play and a celebration of these remarkable artists.

Some of you have expressed interest in the Edinburgh Festivals, but my jetlag makes it hard to make sense of it all. Here's a terrific overview of 2015's madness. Please note that the International Festival and the Book Festival are also extraordinary -- if you need extra enticement.

Coming back from that crazy planet (otherwise known as the largest arts festival in the world, or the creative crossroads in August,) I've had to reacquaint myself with New York's upcoming plays. Here are a few I think worth looking at:

"Desire," at 59 e 59 is a group ofsix plays by well-known playwrights, based on Tennessee William's short stories. And, "Little Thing, Big Thing," a fast moving two hander from Ireland -- also at 59 e 59.

Speaking of Irish theatre, a Fringe First Award winner in Edinburgh, "Underneath" is coming in October to the Irish Arts Center. You can snap up $25 preview tickets now!

Atlantic Theatre is bringing back "Cloud Nine" by Caryl Churchill. Read this review from a previous London production -- it's a classic by a well-respected master.Another delightful classic, "Travels With My Aunt," a so-called entertainment by Graham Green, will be at Keen. Preview tickets are $35, with the code TRKEEN. Here's a review from a recent reprise.

Don't expect that Rattlestick's "Hamlet In Bed" is penned by the bard himself. Michael Laurence's play about a tortured actor with mother-son problems does sound fascinating, nevertheless.

Look at New York Theatre Workshop's upcoming season, and try "Fondly, Collette Richland" by Sibyl Kempson in collaboration with Elevator Repair Service.

And for another non-traditional theatre piece, do check out "Tabac Rouge," part of BAM's Next Wave Festival. This is the sort of physical theatre which I've been exposed to much more in Edinburgh than here -- may be of interest to you, too.

Finally, great reviews such as this suggest that "Perfect Arrangement" at Primary Stages is less formulaic than I first thought -- try it if your appetite for the closeted 1950s has not been sated.

I'm sure I've missed other openings of merit -- being away for a month has its drawbacks! Please let me know what else I should see, now that I'm back.



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The Best of Edinburgh The Best of Edinburgh is an award given at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which is the largest arts festival in the world. The winner of the Award receives a 4 week, all-expense paid run in New York.