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May 2018

Spring Plays and a Party

This month, I'll be going to Signature Theatre for two -- one old, one new:

The new arrival is "Paradise Blue" by Obie Award-winning Dominique Morisseau, whose "Detroit '67" and "Skeleton Crew" both rang true and still resonate.

The revival is "Our Lady of 121st Street" by the gorgeous Guirgis -- sorry about that! The original 2002 Labyrinth production was directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman -- I'm looking forward to again attending the funeral of neighborhood legend, Sister Rose.

Still keeping up with Labyrinth, I'll be seeing the world premiere "Devil of Choice" by Maggie Bofill. Several of Maggie's short plays have appeared at Ensemble Studio Theatre's Marathons -- and all have been memorable.

I'll be seeing the latest Alfred P. Sloan commission, "Bump" by Chiara Atik, at Ensemble Studio Theatre. Her wonderfully witty "Five Times in One Night" is scheduled to transfer to Londonthis summer.

Next up at Mint Theatre is "Conflict," which promises a timely look at the perennially fascinating subjects of sex, love, politics and social (in)justice -- from the perspective of 1925 Great Britain.

Last recommendation for this month is "Skintight" from Roundabout, by the obviously prolific Joshua Harmon -- who's "Admissions" at Lincoln Center just received excellent reviews. This examination of beauty and youth will feature "Rent" star, Idina Menzel.

And for the promised party:

Please join me for this year's Best of Edinburgh Award winning play, "Borders" by Henry Naylor. The gala evening will be on June 28th -- please save the date.

Tickets begin at $100 for the performance and Champagne party. If you'd like to support our efforts as a Patron, those limited seats will be $250. Please email carol@BestOfEdinburgh.org to reserve this event with Henry Naylor and director, Louise Skanning. Tax deductible, of course!

If I don't see you at the theatre before -- do try to join me on June 28th!



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